A Quiet Shelter There

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According to the publisher’s website, this will be released sometime this year.

I’m so excited that it’s finally being released!  I hope it does well and raises a lot of money for the animal shelters (locally and in D.C.)


Photo Acceptance

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One of the peer-reviewed medical journals that we subscribe to at work, Spine, accepts submissions of photographs for each issue it publishes. I submitted one of the photos I took when I was on holiday in Europe, and I received an acceptance today.

I’m still waiting to hear from Fantasy Short Stories.


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Tomorrow is the day by which I am supposed to hear from Fantasy Short Stories.  So far, no word, but no news is good news (I hope).  I enjoy their publication, and hope they accept Charms.  We’ll see!

Charms O’erthrown

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I’m trying to find a home for Charms O’erthrown, and have submitted it to Fantasy Short Stories.  I should hear back from them in about three months.

The Cross and the Cosmos Anthology: Year 1

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Two of my Talithian stories, The Quest and Seven Hundred Pounds and Possibilities, are now available together in The Cross and the Cosmos Anthology: Year 1, available from Marcher Lord Press.

Author Page at Amazon.com

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I have finally established an author page at Amazon.com.  You can find it HERE.  There are two more books to be added in the near future: The Cross and the Cosmos anthology, and the A Quiet Shelter There anthology.

Daily Flash 2012 Anthology

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Now available for purchase at Amazon.com!