Robin Hood

I saw it today, and utterly fell in love with every aspect of it…. story, drama, setting, costumes, music….  The attention to detail was breathtaking.  There was one moment, when Robin’s blood drips on Marian’s face–strange, that this would stand out to me more than anything else.

In my mind, I have set To Tread Upon Kings in the medieval equivalent of the eleventh/twelfth century, exactly when Robin Hood is set.  It’s a fantasy world, so the correlation is not perfect, nor is that my intent, but I found myself watching the movie (especially the setting) with an eye towards my manuscript.  No doubt there are historical inaccuracies in the film (Richard’s death, for example), but that has no bearing on my writing.

As I watched, I remember thinking that I would have given anything to be part of the world I saw portrayed before me.  And if I can portray Shansor and Arnon and Talithia with the richness and detail I experienced, I will consider myself the most successful of writers.


~ by jlrowan on Monday, May 31, 2010.

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