Another Review of Arnon

I’m an author, but I don’t write fantasy – it’s much too difficult.  After all, the author of a good fantasy has to come up with a great plot, attention-grabbing story-line, and plausible and charismatic characters. Therefore, I leave the fantasy-writing to skilled writers like J.L Rowan.

Once again, as she has proven in her past novels and short stories, Ms. Rowan has the uncanny ability to create a world so real that I bought into every bit of it. In her latest short story, Arnon, it matters not that the Guardians are gigantic black panther-like creatures with telepathic communication skills.  I quickly forgot that the hero, Arnon, lives in the fictional land of Talithia (hmmm, not in any world almanac that I own).

From the first sentence I was drawn into the life of Arnon and his world.  And, as the inhabitants of Talithia are so well-conceived and multi-dimensional, I cried with them, laughed with them, and cared about the future they were forging for themselves in a new and safe land.

Arnon is a study in change – and that is what makes it so very real.  For don’t we all face changes in our lives?  We cheer for the hero and his lot, just as we hope the transitions in our own lives draw to positive conclusions.

Ms. Rowan, with her deftness with words, true and thoughtful dialogue, and language true to the fantasy – yet not stilted or stiff – brings us a story of a people who are faced with leaving their homeland for the continued existence of their civilization.

My thanks go out to J.L. Rowan for sharing her brilliant imagination in this, her newest work, Arnon.

– CJ Golden, author of Tao of the Defiant Woman and Tao-Girls Rule!


~ by jlrowan on Monday, August 30, 2010.

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