It’s been a very busy week here….

I had to critique a novel excerpt for a fellow writer.

I have to write a short story as a result of a bet I made.  I’m looking forward to this.

I had several entries to judge in the EPIC eBook Awards contest for Young Writers.  They had been lost, but were subsequently found, and sent to me.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories of our high school youth.  They have great imaginations, and all the entries I read showed promising skill.  I have hope for those who will come after us.

I’ve also been asked to lend my editorial eye to several chapters of a textbook on rare book librarianship.  I am really looking forward to reading these chapters (and seeing the final draft in print).  I tried to take a course in rare book librarianship while I was working on my MLS, but it was offered at another university, and their students got first dibs, and (no surprise) the class filled up immediately.  All was not lost, though.  I received an incredible practical education in rare book librarianship via my internship at the Folger (and, of course, practical education transcends classroom education by a bajillion times).  But I still would have loved to have studied it in the classroom.  I’m excited for the textbook to come out.  Which, perhaps, makes me odd.  As my History of the Book professor stated at the start of class, only crazy people read Gaskell for fun.

Guilty as charged.


~ by jlrowan on Monday, January 17, 2011.

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