Volume I: My Lady

Volume I: My Lady (completed)

Escaping assassination by Lordan, her uncle-king and a blood mage, the Lady Aeodhan flees Shansor, seeking the protection of Arnon, a political ally to the north.  But war is brewing as Lordan intends to invade Arnon with a magical cataclysm so threatening, Shansor’s ancient Guardians return to battle it, expecting Aeodhan to lead them to victory and restore them to their former glory.

But Aeodhan secretly finds the forbidden magic alluring, and she struggles against the allied desire to seat her on the throne.  Wanting only to forget her past and choose her future, she builds a new, flourishing life amongst a reclusive, outcast society.  But her past will not easily release her, and the magic she left behind follows her to destroy the ones she loves.

She returns to Arnon, determined to defeat Lordan, but when the battle turns against them, she succumbs to the allure of blood magic in a desperate attempt to save her people.  Though Arnon and the Guardians win the battle, her choice cleaves the alliance, and may bring upon her head a sentence of death.  

While waiting to learn her fate, she discovers that Lordan’s true design is far more pervasive and evil than anyone had imagined, and though she may not live to see his downfall, she is determined to prevent him from destroying her world.



My Lady won the 2007 Novel Excerpt Contest put on by award-winning author Tosca Lee, and received a critique by author, editor, and publisher, Jeff Gerke.


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