Daily Flash 2012 Anthology Update

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It’s been sent to the printer, and should be available soon!



Daily Flash 2012 Anthology from Pill Hill Press.

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Pill Hill Press will publish the anthology in November. Alberin will appear in the August 22 slot.

August 22, 2012

A Quiet Shelter There

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Hadley Rille Books has posted the list of contributors to the anthology, A Quiet Shelter There.

From steampunk to old norse legend, from ancient egypt to outer space, the authors and poets in A Quiet Shelter There explore the love, comfort, and assistance that animals (and other creatures) provide.

To help benefit: Friends of Homeless Animals shelter (www.foha.org), a D.C. area shelter.

My story, Where Light in Darkness Lies, will be part of the anthology.

Alberin Republished

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Alberin will be republished in an upcoming anthology from Pill Hill Press entitled: DAILY FLASH 2012: 366 DAYS OF FLASH FICTION (LEAP YEAR EDITION).

I cleaned it up a bit and submitted it, and was pleased to find an offer of publication in my email today!

EPIC eBook Awards

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Arnon has been entered into this year’s EPIC eBook Awards.  It’s listed in the novella category, since it is over 10,000 words, and doesn’t qualify for the short story category.  I’m really excited to see if the judges like it or hate it or just really don’t care.  I hope they like it… I’d like to make it past the first round!

New Publication…

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My newest story, Where Light in Darkness Lies, has been accepted for publication as part of the anthology, A Quiet Shelter There, by Hadley Rille Books.  Expected publication date: early/mid-2012.

The Final Approaching

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Splashdown Books has created Avenir Eclectia, a microfiction project open to the public.  My contribution to the project, titled “The Final Approaching,” can be found HERE.