Timeline of Talithia

Timeline of Talithia

15 BFT*(*Before the Founding of Talithia)
  • Gedran Mage War
  • Founding of Talithia
173 AFT*(*After the Founding of Talithia)
  • Arnon
195 AFT
  • Where Light in Darkness Lies
205 AFT
  • Overthrow of Talithia, and the establishment of the rival kingdoms of Arnon and Shansor.
1153 AFT
  • Alberin
1206 AFT
  • To Tread Upon Kings
1308 AFT
  • The Uncouth Forest
1310 AFT
  • Mareyn
1762 AFT
  • Charms O’erthrown
1764 AFT
  • Seven Hundred Pounds and Possibilities
1764 AFT
  • Echoes from the Hollow Earth
2001 AFT
  • Leaves Against a Northern Wind
2006 AFT
  • The Quest

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